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Grand Opening PvP x300

17 August, 2018 • 20:00 (UTC +2)

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Beta is now online !
Dears players, Our Open Beta is now opened and we are waiting all of you ! Please feel free to participate in our forum and bring all your friends for thi...
10 August, 2018
We are approching Open Beta Test !
Dears players, We are now 3 days till the start of our Open Beta Test and we are really excited to see all of you testing the server and giving your suggesti...
07 August, 2018
Get ready for the Massive Battle !
Dears players, Lineage 2 Alendria is entering into a new phase and we are very excited to finally be able to launch our PvP server that will offer quality &a...
27 July, 2018

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